Live from CTT, It’s Saturday Night!

Good evening!

What a day! What a life! It’s been a great one at CTT with tonight’s Jellybean campfire as the cherry, um, or jellybean, on top! We’re so excited to meet our secret admirers/Jellybeans!

We loved virtual visits from our full-season camper parents today, and we can’t wait for more tomorrow. Don’t worry moms and dads: there’s a chipwich waiting for your happy camper on the other side of the zoom to ease back into camp. Why a chipwich, you ask? Well, it was another most-requested Visiting Day item! This weekend we also had homemade rice crispy treats, yet another Visiting Day request. So that’ll round it out! We have loved replicating Visiting Day things, but we’ll be okay moving on and into second session camp life too. Why? Because everyone knows that it’s when all the good stuff happens at camp! 🙂

Today, camp was hoppin’ with mountain biking, painting, outdoor cooking, lake fun, tennis and basketball lessons galore, improv, and lots of swim! It was a regular ol’ day of programming, but there was nothing regular about it! The sun was shining, and despite the warmer temperatures, there was a cool summer breeze that kept us feeling good all daylong. We are so happy to be together at camp! How lucky are we?

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Friday, July 23rd at CTT!

Good evening!

It’s been another crisp, sunny, happy, busy camp day in Greeley! For breakfast, folks, the crowds went wild. Why? TATER TOTS! We have tater tots from time to time but for breakfast!? It was a surprising and delightful alternative to our normal breakfast potatoes or hash browns.  Paired with the veggie egg scramble, feta cheese and avocado it was *chef’s kiss*. We’re here to tell you that dreams really do come true.

Speaking of magic, the cast list is up! In this second half of camp, we’re putting on  “CTT Broadway Review: Fearless!” Numbers include “What I was Born to Do” from Bring it On, “Dancing Queen” from Mama Mia, “Fearless” from Mean Girls, “Stick it to the Man” from School of Rock, a Hamilton Mash-Up from Hamilton, “Hard Knock Life” from Annie, “Good Morning Timber Tops” from Hairspray, “From Now On” from The Greatest Showman and a few other secret surprises. You’ll have to stay tuned! All those who try out for the play make the play! It’s good to be a Timber Tops camper!

Other highlights of the day included flag football, fitness with Mike, garlic pizza bread-making, canteen, and the start of virtual visiting with parents for full-season campers!

And tonight, it’s Name That Tune for Juniors and Intermediates, Panic for Lo-Juniors, and Movie/Cookie Bake for Hi-Seniors! Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you tomorrow!

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Jellybeans, Adventure Challenge, and So Much More!

Well, hello there, friends and followers!

It’s another beautiful, sunny, albeit chilly day in Greeley. It’s perfect camp weather! Our second session campers woke up to the happy news that everyone tested negative on their second PCR tests (the first at-camp one)! We’ll test them for a third time in a few days, but we’re off to a great start in our bubble within a bubble! Woohoo!

In addition to regular activities today (which are never regular!), we’re also in the midst of Jellybeans (and Big/Lil Sisters for new campers who just arrived). New campers are all given big sisters, CAs (11th graders) who leave little sisters notes and treats and become a special, older camp friend and guide. CAs love having little sisters! But what about the rest of us?! Do not fear, we’re all in it together in a special secret-admirer-type buddy program called Jellybeans! Every single camper in camp received a Jelly Bean. In other words, you are both a Jelly Bean, and you’re someone else’s Jelly Bean! A Jelly Bean is a special friend who, in the second half of the summer, leaves little anonymous notes and homemade gifts and trinkets for her Jellybean to make her feel valued and loved and integral to our CTT community. We’ll all meet our Jellybeans at the Jellybean campfire in a few days on the shores of Lake Selma! Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold! And for all you enthusiastic alumni out there: “Jellybeans” are the new “Peanuts!” We’re a nut-free camp, so assigning “Peanuts” didn’t make sense anymore!

Tonight will be a great one! Juniors (entering grades 3-5) will participate in an adventure challenge together, and inters through hi-seniors will be doing divisional team building! It’s going to be another great Greeley evening to round out a great Greeley day! Over and out from down the winding road!



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First Day of Second Session!

Hello, friends and followers! It was another great day at CTT!

We woke up to a special “Visiting Day” breakfast: “good” bagels and Dunkin’ Donuts! We’ve been trying to get the most requested wish-list items, and “good bagels,” and Dunkin’ Donuts were at the top of that list. But we had a Timber Tops first tonight, too! By far, the most requested Visiting Day wish-list item was a “brookie” or an “oreo brookie” — this blogger has learned a “brookie” is a brownie/cookie or a brownie/cookie/Oreo! So Bubbe Barbara Black made homemade Oreo brookies for the whole camp tonight, and they were DELICIOUS! Who needs regular ol’ Visiting Day?!

Today was an awesome day of SUPER CHOICE! Highlights included the high zip line, outdoor cooking and an adventure on Emily Island in the middle of Lake Selma! And, of course, we welcomed our SECOND SESSION CAMPERS! Wooohoo! We’re so excited to welcome our new and returning summer sisters to CTT.

Today, everyone was checked for lice by our friends at Lice Be Gone, and good news: our girls (okay, they’re yours too) are LICE FREE! Now THAT news deserves a brookie.

Tonight, we’ll have another staff show to introduce and reintroduce our awesome counselors. We’re so lucky to be here together, and we’re not taking one moment at camp for granted!

Signing off from another great day in Greeley, folks! We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow for another day of action-packed fun!



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Full Summer Club Reigns!

Wow, friends. What. A. Day. We can’t believe that we’ve packed so much in, but boy are we making every moment count. And today it was one of the best days of summer, made even better this year! It’s the FULL SUMMER CLUB! First session campers left in the morning, second session campers arrive (and test and pod together as a bubble within a bubble for the first week of camp), but today it was all about FULL SEASON CAMPERS!

After we did some bunk cleaning and rearranging, we headed down to the tents (for juniors and inters) and the dining hall (for seniors and hi-seniors) to our BUNK PARTIES! Every bunk requested special food and drinks and snacks (ranging from avocados to cheesecake to something called Takis which this blogger just learned of today). We went crazy! There was music, there was junk food, there was merriment! Next, lunchtime and PACKAGE OPENING! Thanks for the awesome gifts from home, parents. Your campers felt so much love from you today, and we appreciate your making the day extra special in Greeley. We make a good team!

Right after packages were opened, it was time for a VERY serious cookie cake-making competition! We’re telling you: you’ve never seen decorations like these! Edible paper and edible markers and edible camp logos! It was WILD! The girls went wild! We saved cookie cakes for dinner dessert because we heard music blasting from the flagpole to signal the start of TIMBERFEST! In the flagpole area we had a masked singer competition (different campers take turns dressing in costume – masked – and we had to guess who was singing), a hair braiding station, balloon darts, hook-a-duck, and face painting! There was ice cream and soda too, but don’t tell our parents (wink)! One of the most exciting parts of TimberFest was earning tickets to buy CAMP MERCH! Custom t-shirts, shoelaces, jibitz, bracelets, mask chains, and scrunchies just for the full summer club! They were a huge hit!

And then we were off to a cover band concert at the Timber Theater! We sang, we danced, we had the best afternoon ever! We even heard from many that this should be the first ANNUAL TimberFest — what we’re saying is: we hope your kids invite you to Visiting Day next year, parents. This day was hard to top!

Over the course of the day, and over the next few days, we’re trying to incorporate some fan favorites the girls have said they’d miss with an untraditional Visiting Day — enter the cookie cakes, the special drinks, the ice cream, etc. Well… Tonight, for those who wished, we had Cup o Noodles Ramen out at dinnertime. Dozens of cases! The girls were so excited! For breakfast tomorrow? Dunkin’ Donuts! And don’t tell your campers, but Barbara Black made everyone homemade Brownie/Cookie/Oreo bars for a special treat tomorrow! She’s never made them before at camp, but they (and “brookies”) were the most requested food item! Not to make it all about food, but WE TOLD YOU not to worry about the Visiting Day. We got this!

Tonight, after dinner, it was a CTT Favorite and Full Summer Club tradition: SOCK IT TO ME! We ran all over camp in a capture the flag-like camp which we’re pretty sure will have everyone sleeping in no time.

We hope your camper will share the fun and spirit and happiness of today on your Virtual Visiting Zooms! It was truly one for the books.

Goodnight from Greeley from your FULL SUMMER SISTERS! Tomorrow, we can’t wait to welcome our second session campers! We’re just getting started!


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First Session Final Moments

Oh, friends and followers. We can’t believe it. Can you believe it’s here? The first session flew by, and we just can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye to our first session summer sisters! We’re sure that your first-session camper will be thrilled to see you, but we’re also pretty sure that she’s feeling sad to leave this magical place down the winding road. Thank you for lending your first-session campers to us for the summer. We hope it was worth the wait.

Today was was packing day for those first session campers, followed by a video yearbook of the summer so far,  a gymnastics show, and a dance show too. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the amazing things we’ve learned in this short first half of summer. We already miss our first-session campers!

Tonight, we’ll have our official first-session sendoff evening program. “Wishing Well,” down the winding road into camp, is an evening program where those leaving tomorrow will line Mitchell Creek, penny in hand, and throw their penny over their shoulder, into the creek, making a wish for next summer. The rest of us stand on the other side and watch. We then walk back down the path together, singing camp songs, one final time. Tonight is a beautiful, emotional night at camp.

Tomorrow? We wave goodbye to our first-session campers and promptly head to… TIMBER FEST! Normally we’d go to a water park, but just you wait to see the fun we have in store at our FULL SUMMER CLUB (of over 200 campers)! The 24 hours it’s just full session campers is among the best 24 hours all summer! What’s happening exactly, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see!

PS- Last night’s play, Frozen 2, was AWESOME! There were two original songs! It felt like half the camp was involved! Even head staff joined too! We think it was the best show ever! We’ll post it soon!

Goodnight from Greeley!

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Sunday, July 18th at CTT!

We’re so busy around here, that it’s hard to keep up!

Last night we had our New Timers (campers who’ve been at CTT for one or two years) and Old Timers (campers who’ve been here for three or more years) parties!

OLD TIMERS CLUB IS THE BEST! First, let us assure you that new timers have a fun-filled, active, awesome party of their own on the upper field, complete with a delicious snack, so fear not, moms and dads. They don’t even know what they’re missing. But, here’s the truth: Timber Tops girls REALLY look forward to being Old Timers.

The old timers party starts with a walk to the 10-year tree where 10-year old timers are inducted onto the tree by our head staff members. At the 10 year tree, each person is honored and spoken about. It’s a great and emotional ceremony where Timber Tops’ finest are given a moment in the spotlight.

Next? ICE CREAM PARTY TIME! Old timer campers AND counselors storm the dining hall, sit by year at camp, and basically sing every single camp song and cheer (including past Olympic and Pioneer Day songs) in recent (and not so recent) memory. They’re called up to the sundae bar by year at camp (longest at camp goes first and eats sundaes off of plates, naturally), and they sing into the wee hours of the night. Is there any other Timber Tops way? OH! Old timers get a special gift too, this year a CTT hat! And 8-year old timers get a special old timer’s shirt! And plaques! Old Timers get PLAQUES! We love a good tradition.

And today at camp we started with eggs, potatoes, bagels and lox followed by some special happenings mixed into our final regular day of the first session (say it ain’t so)! Horseback riders participated in a horse show and those involved in tonight’s production of Frozen 2 practiced, practiced, practiced. We are so excited for what is definitely going to be the best play we’ve seen in Greeley, PA in years, maybe even decades!

We told you we’re busy!

There are no Sunday scaries here, folks, just smiles and friendship and lots of excitement for all good things to come.


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SFA Alllll Day

Hey, friends and followers! Long time no see! Whew. It’s been quite the past few days here in Greeley, and we needed a break! So on this beautiful, sunny Greeley day, we enjoyed a late sleep and SFA (Supervise Free Activity) all day. We play practiced, we zip-lined, we painted, we danced, we ran, we read, we relaxed, we swam…There’s nothing lazy about SFA day! Other highlights today included funfetti pancakes for breakfast, mac and cheese and tuna melts for lunch, and our traditional Friday dinner with everyone’s favorite: matzoh ball soup (and challah and brisket and kugel and watermelon too)! And tonight, you ask? LAKE NIGHT for juniors and a social with the Lake Owego boys for Inters and Seniors! The fun never stops here, people! But the time is moving too quickly. Believe it or not, we’ll be reading first-session bus lists soon, and we’re already prepping for “Visiting Day” treats and surprises – each bunk made a wish list, and we’re going shopping. Hey, here’s a wish list item: PLEASE slow down time! We want to stay here forever!

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CTT Olympics 2021, July 14th & 15th!

It all started with a single firework over the campfire, and we just KNEW! Olympic breakout last night was the best in our memory. We marched behind the Olympic torch from the campfire to the upper field where more fireworks announced the start of Olympic Games 2021! Campers passed Olympic scenes on the tennis courts, in the pool, in gymnastics and around the upper field and then gathered together inside the fitness center for a live head staff broadcast of these Olympic games we’ve been waiting for! Anna, Missy and Andy were the announcers, and dance performances and reenactments by the head staff were interrupted only by AMAZING CTT Olympic commercials made by our amazing Media Director, Kareema. It was a feel good, fantastic, definitely worth the wait breakout, and we couldn’t be happier to finally celebrate CTT OLYMPICS 2021: A Moment in Time! Read on for our schedule over the next two days!

Down with CTT, up with OLYMPIC GAMES!

The Olympic Teams

Blue Puerto Rico MONICA PUIG



Green Ethiopia TIKI GELANA


8:10      Junior Breakfast/Senior Clean-Up

8:40     Line -Up

8:50     Senior Breakfast/Junior Clean-Up

9:10      Team captains meet with the Head Staff at the Dining Hall

9:30      Team Meetings

Select track meet participants, and individual activity participants!

Teams will always meet at:

BLUE Puerto Rico (Willow if raining Gymnastics)

GREEN Ethiopia (Redwood if raining Fitness)

RED Switzerland (Oak if raining Dining Hall)

YELLOW Romania (Palm Court if raining Dance Pavilion)

10:00               Track Meet

11:00               Individual Activities


Tennis Doubles (upper courts)


Egg Toss (upper field)

Softball Throw (upper field)

Mile Run (upper field)

Tug of War (upper field)

3 Legged Race (upper field)

Suitcase Relay (upper field)

Monkey (upper field)

Football Game (upper Field)

12:30               LUNCH (Juniors)

1:00                 LUNCH (Seniors)

2:00                 Team Meetings

Organize banner, cheers, and song. Select waterfront activities!

2:30                 Waterfront Competition

4:00                 General Swim – Biathlon ALL TO THE LAKE

4:30                 Showers


5:50 – Juniors

6:20 – Line-Up

6:30 – Seniors

7:00     Team Meetings

7:30     Evening Race: Junior Lip Sync, Paper Bag Dramatics, The Um Game

9:30     OLYMPIC O.D.!


7:45     Wake up – by Kauri

8:10     Junior Breakfast/Senior Clean-Up

8:40     Line-Up

8:50     Senior Breakfast/Junior Clean-Up

9:10     Team captains meet with the Head Staff at the Dining Hall

9:30     Team Meetings

Organize team competition

Sr. softball, Sr. basketball, Sr. field hockey, Jr./Sr. Soccer

Jr. newcombe, Jr. kickball, Jr. Gaga, Sr Flag football

10:00 Team Competition

Softball (upper field), basketball (basketball court) GaGa (Gaga courts)

Kickball (upper field), newcombe (Beach), soccer (upper field), field hockey (upper field) Sr Flag football (upper field)

  1. Red vs Yellow
  2. Green vs Blue
  3. Winners
  4. Consolation game

11:30   Team Meetings

Select swim meet participants and Dodgeball participants

Work on song and cheer!

12:10   Campus Clean Up

LUNCH – (12:30 Juniors/ 1:00 Seniors)

2:00     Team Meetings :  Finish selection of swim meet participants

2:30     Swim Meet

4:00     Dodgeball – upper tennis courts

4:30     Showers


5:30 – Juniors

6:00 – Line-Up

6:10 – Seniors

6:40 Team practice

7:30 The Olympic Finale/Sing: Song, cheer and banner!

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Canteen, Fish Tacos, Miss CTT!

It’s been another great day under the Greeley sky!

Late sleep! WOW! We were exhausted after last night’s Cabaret and fake out, and we’ve been on the edge of our seats all day just waiting for Olympics to break out. But to our shock…It STILL hasn’t happened. We’ve been chanting at meals, we’ve been begging head staff, we’ve been getting our reds and blues and yellows and greens ready. And NADA! NOTHING! Maybe there will be no Olympics this year! Only time will tell!

After our late sleep (it rained first thing in the morning), we enjoyed regularly scheduled programming including highlights like brother/sister visitation with Pine Forest (we saw Owego yesterday), horseback riding lessons, gymnastics privates, a Top Cooks trip, and fish tacos for dinner! They were delicious!

And tonight, evening program highlighted our AMAZING counselors from every bunk in Miss CTT! Here’s the truth: their real talent is making campers feel loved and cared for, and we’re impressed by them every day. But tonight they sang! They danced! They shared poetry! They played the guitar! They folded shirts (yup)! They made bracelets! They drew a dinosaur in under a minute! Folks, these gals can do it all. We’re so lucky they’re ours!

Let’s hear it for the counselors! We couldn’t do it without you! 

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