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Oreo Week, Paddleboard Yoga, Tours + More!

Saturday? What’s Saturday?! At camp every day feels like a vacation, so Tuesdays and Saturdays are equally as magical under the Greeley sky. But today marks ONE WEEK at camp! Can you believe it?! This week has flown by, though … Continue reading

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Costa Rica, Canteen, Miss CTT!

Hello, camp family and friends! Today was a gorgeous day in Greeley. We know the heat wave is a-comin’, but right now it’s breezy and warm and wonderful. And fear not! Camp stays at least about 10 degrees cooler than … Continue reading

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S.F.A., Intercamp Games, Overnights and More!

Another great day down the winding road! But this one started a little differently. We had our first late (8:45AM) wakeup, and believe it or not, many slept the latest they’d ever slept before. Camp Timber Tops is an active … Continue reading

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Orange Wednesday, Singing in the Rain, Senior Lip Sync!

It’s Orange Wednesday! Why? We’re not sure! It just is! At Camp Timber Tops, our oldest (traditional) campers are called CAs. They’re going into 10th grade, and they name themselves, using a tree name, the summer before their CA year. … Continue reading

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Belays, Banana Boats, and The Big Sister/Little Sister Campfire!

It’s been a gorgeous and chilly day in Greeley, but nothing a CTT sweatshirt can’t fix! And in the sun, actually, it’s been warm and beautiful. How fortuitous, then, that yummy mac and cheese, tuna melts and tomato soup (and … Continue reading

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No Case of the Mondays Here! CTT: Day 3!

What a day! And we thought yesterday was beautiful. It is gorgeous here at camp. Sunny, 73 degrees, windy; in short, it’s pretty perfect in Greeley! The day started with a bang, and by “bang” we mean Funfetti pancakes (and … Continue reading

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The First FULL Day of CAMP!

Hello, Parents, Friends and Followers!  It’s a beautiful day in downtown Greeley! We started the day fully energized from last night’s particularly awesome staff show. And though we may or may not have been wearing our brightest and fuzziest pajamas … Continue reading

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Opening Day 2018! World Premiere of CTT’s 2018 Summer Song!

Today! It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! We’ve dreamt of it since last August, and it was even better than imagined. Opening Day 2018! There’s magic in that drive down the winding road into Timber Tops; we leave the … Continue reading

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Camp Tomorrow! We Got This!

Dear Timber Tops Families, As we write this note we know that your hearts are beating out of your chests, that you’re fighting back tears of both excitement and nervousness, that you’re holding her tight, giving extra kisses and doing … Continue reading

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What TO DO and What NOT TO DO Before CAMP!

We post this every year, but here it is again. Cue the tough love… It’s incredibly natural to go into apocalyptic mode in these next few weeks. You know what we’re talking about: What do you want your last meal … Continue reading

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