Blueberry Picking, Fort Building and Much More!

It’s been another great day at CTT filled with laughter, sunshine, and okay rain. But would it be summer 2018 without a passing shower? No! We have learned that life goes on at camp in the rain and that dancing in the rain is sometimes more fun than dancing without it.

This morning the CAs woke us up by telling us to dress in our wackiest clothes for FUNKY FRIDAY! So it’s FUNKY FRIDAY here at CTT! While regular activities were in full swing, our 5th graders took a trip to the Paupack Blueberry Farm. After the girls picked (and ate) berries, they enjoyed some ice cream at the farm (Cout’s Homemade Ice Cream) and then brought their haul back home! In addition to sharing blueberries with the rest of camp at lunchtime, our 5th graders took over cooking this afternoon and made blueberry muffins. They were delicious!

We want Timber Tops girls to leave camp not just with an attachment to camp itself but with an attachment to this beautiful part of the world we call our summer home! We also think it’s fun for juniors to doing something special in each grade level! In the first half of the summer, our 4th graders spent an evening with pony rides and campfires at our ranch, our 5th graders just had a great day filled with all things blueberry, and our 6th graders went on a grade-wide waterfall hike to Shohola Falls! Campers always have the opportunity to sign up for canoeing and adventure and camping trips, but this provides a small taste of the great outdoors! We hope your juniors come home with a love of camp, a love of each other, and an appreciation for Pike County, PA!

This afternoon, after much begging and pleading, and in the midst of a storm, we held one of our most highly anticipated events of the summer… FORT BUILDING! Every bunk picked a theme and decorated their fort. Then, they performed a skit for the judges. Best day ever? We think it might have been!

But can tomorrow compete? Only time will tell!

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