Canoeing, Hiking, Climbing, Tumbling, Cooking, Singing, and So Much More!

It’s another busy day at Camp Timber Tops, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at us! This morning was late sleep, and we were woken up to learn that it’s Spirit Week and that today is “Monday Blues.” In other words, it’s Pajama Day! Now that’s a theme we can get behind! So though it’s very common to see campers in pajamas at breakfast, it’s uncommon for us to be in PJs all day. But it’s not a bad day to be warm and cozy, since it’s overcast and chillier than usual. But no rain means no complaining over here!

Now back to business. Today our 11th graders left for a three-day trip to Maryland for college visiting and lots of fun too, of course. And many of our hi-seniors headed out with Lindsey, our Head of Lake, to the Delaware Water Gap where they’ll canoe 20 miles, camp out, and then hike all day tomorrow before making their way back to CTT. Do you know that CTT used to call itself “The Mountain Camp for Girls?” We should use that more around here, because it’s true! There was also a climbing trip to Ricks Rocks today, a gymnastics meet here at CTT, a Top Cooks trip to Henning’s local for a demo and lunch, and SO MANY intercamp games! Seniors played intercamp games in lacrosse, volleyball, and basketball today, and juniors played kickball, soccer, and softball!

Tonight is TIMBER TOPS IDOL! Yes! And the winner of Timber Tops idol will participate in tomorrow’s Pike County Idol! Awesome!

And these are just the special events we’ve had today. Whew! We’re exhausted just writing about it! See you back here tomorrow, folks, for more Timber Talk!

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