Costa Rica, Canteen, Miss CTT!

Hello, camp family and friends!

Today was a gorgeous day in Greeley. We know the heat wave is a-comin’, but right now it’s breezy and warm and wonderful. And fear not! Camp stays at least about 10 degrees cooler than wherever you’re reading this from (unless you’re ready this from, say, Antartica– And if you are, let us know! That would be so cool, pun intended!), so the mountains and the shade sets us up for success. But we’re preparing for heat by amping up our hydration stations, hiking up that dining hall AC, running those bunk fans, and even getting ready to set up a sprinkler or two (shhh!) for some misting on the go! But no need to get ahead of ourselves. Today really was beautiful.

Today around noon our 11th graders headed to the airport and tonight fly to Costa Rica as part of our 11th Grade Leadership Program. CTT CITs, our 11th graders, join forces with the 11th graders at Lake Owego Camp and Pine Forest Camp during their 11th grade summer. Together, our campers plan and then implement a day camp for local, underprivileged Tican children. Before that memorable and, for many, life-changing community service experience, our campers will zip line, raft, and meander around the rain forest and explore their awesome new surroundings. Our campers will reflect upon the gift of camp that they’ve been given over so many years, and it’ll inspire their commitment to create that same kind of magic for others. It’s an awesome program our girls aspire to! And we partner with Rustic Pathways (a well-known student travel company) for this part of the program. Have THE BEST time, girls! PURA VIDA! We miss you already but know you’ll come back changed, with even more to contribute to our camp community. Parents of 11th graders: we will notify you via email once the flight has landed, and there will be a “Costa Rica” photo album in daily CampMinder photos whenever they’re sent from Costa Rica (whenever the wifi works)!

But back to Greeley: highlights of the day included an arts and crafts project where you put Lake Selma sand and water into a tiny vile and make it into a necklace (cool!), canteen (yum!), a flag football tournament (score!), wibit fun at the lake (weeeee!), and challah at dinner (hooray!). Though ordinarily our campfires are on Friday nights, since we had our Big/Little campfire earlier this week, tonight is… Miss CTT! What’s that, you ask? Well, each bunk nominates a counselor in their bunk to compete against all the other bunks in a talent competition. But only one lucky counselor becomes Miss CTT! Past talents have included singing, dancing, fastest ice-cream eating, sleeping…The possibilities are endless! There is a definite buzz of excitement up and down Lily Lane. It’s going to be a great night at camp! But aren’t they all.


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