Fun Facts for New Families

We can’t believe there are less than 100 days until camp!  We want our new families and campers to be as comfortable and as prepared as possible in the days leading up to camp, so we’re going to share some facts to keep you “in the know!”

Camp Timber Tops is full of tradition, rituals and special names.  Each one is very meaningful to both our campers and our staff.

“The Alma Mater”: This is a song the whole camp sings together every night before bed.

As time goes by like a river, and people alter their ways
We will always remember, the joys of Timber Tops days.
The friends we’ve made through the summer will be our lasting delight,
And the joys and the tears that we’ve known here are the joys of the red and the white.

Camp Colors: Red and White

Olympic and Pioneer Days
: Our version of “Color War,” Olympics during the first half of the summer, Pioneer Days during the second half of the summer.
Campers are split into four colorsRed, Yellow, Green, Blue

Many of camp’s fields, courts and venues are named after camp’s founding family as well as many old-timers.

“Hughie Field”- The Upper Field. Hughie and Selma were the founders of camp!

“Mitchell’s Creek”
–  The beautiful creek on the way into camp. It’s especially great for creek stomping! Mitchell or “Mickey” is Anna’s dad!

“The Anna Summer Black Swimming Pool (or ASB)”– Named after our co-director Anna, built the year she was born.

“Lake Selma”- Our very own, beloved lake named for one of the camp’s founders.

“Ted and Sue’s Dance Studio”
 Named after our long-time directors emeritus, Ted and Sue Weinstein.

“Missy’s Gathering Deck”- 
Named after our co-director, Missy Ruddick in celebration of her 20th summer.

The “Winding Road”
– Our beautiful drive into camp often referenced in songs, cheers and memories of Timber Tops girls.

Bunk Names

The bunks at camp are named after trees! Some you’ve heard of, some we bet you haven’t!

Ten Year Tree

This old tree proudly displays plaques of the names of all campers and staff that have gone to camp for 10 years or more. It’s a huge honor to be on the tree!

Hopefully this list will help our new families feel even more a part of our Timber Tops family as we count down to welcome everyone this summer. See you in Greeley in 50 days!

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