What a day! We had a great day at Camp Timber Tops and Lake Owego Camp! That’s right, while the seniors are away, the juniors will PLAY! Today was SWITCH DAY! The boys came here in the morning to head to choice with our juniors and enjoy ALL THINGS CTT! And this afternoon we went to LAKE OWEGO to join them in activities like the giant swing, biking, fencing, fire building, and more! It was choice ALL DAY for EVERYONE! We had a great day! Here was today’s special schedule!


CTT/LOC Switch Day!
8:30 Wake up
8:50 Breakfast
9:20 Line-up
9:30 Clean up
 10AM Lake Owego Arrives!
10:20 Choice Line Up
10:30-11:20 Period 1
11:20 Choice Period Line Up
11:30-12:20 Period 2
12:30 Lunch Line Up at Flag Pole
12:35 Lunch – Owego Stays for lunch
1:00 Rest Period- Owego heads back
1:45 Bus to Owego- CTT at LOC!
2:20 Choice Period Line Up
2:30-3:20 Period 3
3:20 Choice Period Line Up
3:30-4:20 Period 4
4:30 Bus Back to CTT
5:00 Shower Time (GIRLS ONLY!)
6:00 Dinner followed by Line-up (GIRLS ONLY!)
6:45- 7:30 SFA (GIRLS ONLY!)
7:45 Panic!!!  (GIRLS ONLY!)
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