Opening Day 2022!

WOW. What a day! We’re back and better than ever as we begin what will most certainly be…THE BEST SUMMER EVER! The sun was shining as buses pulled in and campers made their way to the junior village and the senior hill to hug old friends and greet new ones! And we promise we don’t just say this every year, but we think our staff is the absolute best of the best. Our counselors are warm and wonderful, and they’re making your girls – scratch that – our girls SO happy, confident and at-home already.

After arrivals and health screenings with Lice Be Gone, we enjoyed a pizza lunch, some happenings by the lake for juniors, unpacking for seniors, and S’MORES FOR ALL! Why?! Because what better a way to celebrate the first day of camp than celebratory s’mores!

Tonight each activity area’s staff members performed for us at the Timber Theater and introduced each and every counselor and activity in camp. And though there were lots of highlights, two especially exciting announcements were the play (SHREK: The Musical!) and this year’s SONG OF THE SUMMER! IYKYK. Drumroll please…This year’s song is “Message in a Bottle” by Taylor Swift! Click here to listen to our IMPROVED (you heard that right) version! It’s our first CTT Taylor Swift song of the summer, and the camp went wild! From now on, every morning and evening lineup here at camp will start with this song, and we’ll all learn the dance (performed by the head staff for the big reveal tonight)! Pro tip: have this song ready to play on repeat all yearlong!

In short, folks, it was a beautiful, happy, GREAT first day of camp. All is well in Greeley!

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