Packing Tips for Camp: Part 2!

We’re often asked by parents what’s REALLY worth buying and what isn’t? What fits under a camp bed? What’s a shoe bag? Though every camper is different, and every situation unique, here are a few hard and fast tips for packing and a few answers to some basic first-time camp questions.

We give you, packing for Timber Tops, Part II! (If you missed our first installment take a look here!)

1. There’s SO much “camp stuff” out there. What’s worth buying for my daughter?
A crazy creek or something like it. They get lots of mileage during campfires, time hanging out on the porch, SFA (supervised free activity after dinner), and during evening programs when we’re gathered on the lawn in front of the dance pavilion (think “Name That Tune”).

2. What isn’t worth buying for my daughter before camp?
Don’t buy expensive clothes, jeans or bathing suits. Don’t pack seventeen throw pillows. Don’t pack anything you don’t want going in the laundry. Your daughter will be well-intentioned with the Woolite you sent for handwashing, but it’s just probably not going to happen. Also, we hope by now you know that we’re a down-to-earth place with down-to-earth girls. They don’t need anything “good.”

3. What fits under or next to a bed?
Long plastic storage containers. THESE. NOT THESE.

4. I’ve heard the term “shoe bag” thrown around. What’s that? What’s it used for? A shoe bag is often used to hang up on the wall and store extra “stuff” in (think flashlight, hair brush, etc.).  Here’s a photo of one. No, your daughter doesn’t need it. She may want it! It’s up to you!

5. Seriously, don’t MOST kids really sneak electronics? No! They don’t! Our parents are rule-followers, and our kids follow their parents’ lead. At camp it isn’t “cool” to have electronics or phones. In fact, it’s “cool” to leave all that junk behind. We know you hear all kinds of information from friends with children at summer camp. Believe us when we tell you that Timber Tops girls appreciate tuning out. It’s just part of our camp culture.


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