Polar Bear Pride Day!

It’s Polar Bear Pride Day at CTT! What’s a CTT polar bear? We’re glad you asked!

On three different occasions this summer, ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE Timber Tops girls woke up at the crack of dawn, before even the sun was up, headed down to the lake, and jumped into that cold, Lake Selma water. They swam out past the docks, they sang three camp songs, and they basked in the glow of their polar bear pride. Then, up to the dining hall they went to dry off and enjoy some extra special hot chocolate, all while their bunkmates were still dreaming. It’s the little things at camp.

What do you get for being a polar bear at CTT? Bragging rights, great memories, and a polar bear t-shirt! Awesome! So, today we’re wearing our polar bear shirts proudly.

Though our 5K was postponed due to the heat (it’s always something with the weather this summer!), we had a great day anyway. Two huge highlights are this session’s horse show at TOP RANCH and THE PLAY! It’s TONIGHT! WICKED! We’ll be taping it, so you won’t miss a thing, parents! (There are a number of adorable green munchkins walking around camp today!)


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