2 Days in JUNIOR LAND!

We’re in the middle of an AWESOME two days here at camp. We’ve mentioned that seniors are out on their trips (7th grade: Lake George; 8th grade: Burlington, VT; 9th grade: New England; 10th grade: Montreal), but the REAL excitement is here in Greeley, PA. Why? There’s just nowhere better, especially during these two days where JUNIORS RULE!

Yesterday, Wednesday, was “SWITCH DAY” here at camp! After a few extra minutes of shuteye, Timber Tops girls welcomed the boys from Lake Owego over to Bunk Mimosa for CTT Junior Choice! We held two periods of choice at CTT with Owego, and the girls loved showing their Owego friends some of their favorite activities, activities that the boys don’t have! Those Owego boys especially loved dancing in our dance pavilion, cooking, and doing gymnastics! We don’t think they wanted to leave!

After a CTT/LOC lunch in the Timber Tops dining hall (filled with competitive cheering and singing to see which camp was louder and more spirited), we headed over to LOC for an afternoon there! Choice at Owego was super fun too! For dinner we came back to Timber Tops and had a great (just girls!) night of dinner, SFA and PANIC (best evening program ever)!

Today is yet ANOTHER special day here in Greeley. This morning was filled with “World Records,” our Timber Tops version of world records where junior campers try to beat the CTT record for various activities around camp. Some are more serious (like repelling), some were goofy (like holding overflowing pitchers of water for the longest time), but all were REALLY fun. And this afternoon? OWEGOLAND! We head over to LOC for lunch in THEIR dining hall and an afternoon of special inflatables and other carnival games.

Tonight we’ll be with the boys for our own little junior social! The moral of the story is that while we’re really excited to welcome our big sisters back to camp tonight, we’ve been doing just fine without them. IT’S GREAT TO BE A JUNIOR AT CTT!

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