5 Things from Greeley Today

Hello, friendly followers! Here’s a “lazy day” version of the day’s events (hey, it was a lazy day, after all)!

1. Lazy day! Yup! SFA again! We love Thursdays! In addition to normal free choice, we also had a special Quickball clinic, an organized game of captured the flag, and a basketball tournament going on. Hey, maybe it’s not so lazy after all…

2. Seniors and Hi-Seniors went to Costa’s! Wooohooo! Bumper boats, go-carts, mini-golf, batting cages, water slides, ice cream, arcade, oh my!

3. Tonight the seniors had a social with Lake Owego and the juniors had a JUNIORS ONLY party at Pine Forest with Lake Owego too! There was face painting, snacks, dancing (thanks, Xplosive Entertainment!), pick-up hockey and just plain fun! Awesome! Juniors rule!

4. It was supposed to rain all day and didn’t rain at all! YES!

5. Tonight our counselors gather for a meeting about final days of first-session and prepare for the upcoming second session. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Where does the time go?

See you tomorrow, moms and dads. Same time, same place!


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