5 Great Things About Today!

So many exciting things happening all around us at camp today, but here are 5:

1) Athletic shirts were given out. They’re DRI-FIT! They’re orange! They’re perfect for Orange Wednesdays! SO TIMBER TOPS!

2) Today was our first SFA (Supervised Free Activity) Day! Think late sleep and lazy day. Awesome!

3) Tonight was our first senior and hi-senior social with Owego! The theme? Cowgirls and cowboys…And okay, there may have been just a plain ol’ cow costume roaming around too. Hey, it’s CAMP!

4) We had CHICKEN PATTIES for lunch. This could be a blog in of itself. WE LOVE CHICKEN PATTIES!

5) Laundry was sorted! It’s going out tomorrow! Hallelujah!

Goodnight, world. All is well down the winding road.


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