A 5K! Mac & Cheese! Canoe trips! An Overnight and SO MUCH MORE!

Good afternoon, folks!

It’s been another great, absolutely beautiful Timber Tops day. The weather? Sunny, breezy, 75 degree perfection. Breakfast? Funfetti pancakes. Lunch? Tuna melts, tomato soup, and mac & cheese. I mean…Life doesn’t get much better than this. Forget the rest of the activities! Just kidding!

First period this morning brought our annual Timber Tops 5K! So many campers participated, and it was awesome to watch campers young and old run down Lily Lake, down the winding road, up around Hughie Field and more! We saw CAs grabbing junior hands, counselors helping campers…It was awesome. And then it was back to regular programming.

Today’s also a day of all kinds of adventure! Canoe trips followed by an overnight campout. But first, a Friday night campfire! We also took sibling pictures of CTT (actual) sisters! We’ll take a second (and third!) generation photo after lineup tonight, so stay tuned.

Did you see it? We posted our WEEK 3 video! 

In short, all is well at camp! Have a great night!

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