A Great First (FULL!) Day!

What a day! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and CTT was bursting with happy campers ready to make the most of summer!

Many of our girls were super excited about try-outs for Hercules, our play this season. It’s an all-camp show, and anyone who wants to be in it is in it! Other exciting events today included an awesome soccer clinic happening on the upper field, Coach Mike’s advanced first-period basketball class, a junior gymnastics rotation for the books, and the use of our new “high roller” wibit on Lake Selma! Oh, and the new yoga deck! It was great seeing our new addition used by so many classes on this beautiful Greeley day.

Tonight, Juniors dominated Adventure Challenge, Lo-Seniors rocked Panic, and Hi-Senior bonding was a success! Outside of structured activities, we were singing, dancing, cheering, and making the most of each camp moment. It feels like we’ve been here forever!

We’d say it was a pretty perfect day at camp! And to think, the best is yet to come!

Senior Panic!

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