A Wacky Wednesday Indeed!

We know that at home a Wednesday is as ordinary as it gets, but not around here!

Let’s backtrack to last night’s junior lip sync. Every junior bunk was AMAZING, but Redwood took home the win with “Neon Lights”. Then, and maybe even MORE exciting, our 6th graders faked out the camp with our first OLYMPIC FAKEOUT! These oldest juniors took the initiative and planned their own fakeout for the camp as part of their junior evening program. Their theme? Desserts from around the world! We think that’s pretty much the best Olympic idea ever! Congrats to the juniors on an entire night of awesomeness. Olympic fever is in the air, and we’re getting increasingly more antsy as we wait for the real thing to break!

Fast forward to today at camp: a swim meet at CTT where we DOMINATED, a Top Cooks trip to Samaki Inc where we learned about smoking food (all the rage these days!), and Kelli Moshen back teaching her fabulous dance intensives.

Other highlight of the day? We started our new outdoor pizza oven lunches! Gumbo-Limbo was SO excited to be the first up for this special treat, and they’ve given it rave reviews.

Tonight, two BIG CTT favorites: fajita dinner (need we say more?), and ESCAPE FROM CTT! Escape from CTT is where the whole camp is paired up (a junior with a senior) and given a number of tasks around camp to complete. We’re down at the lake, we’re at the pool, we’re on the zip line, we’re in gymnastics. The catch? Counselors are stationed around camp trying to bop our campers with powder puffs. If you’re bit by a powder puff, you have to freeze and wait for a hydro helper (aka counselor with a water gun) to come squirt and unfreeze you! Then, the first 10 teams to finish have to get to the flagpole area in time to eat a pack of crackers and whistle. Once they’ve completed the tasks and whistled, they ESCAPE from CTT! They get on a big, decorated school bus and head out of camp for soft ice cream! You can imagine the excitement.

Stay tuned for photos to come!

A photo from the fakeout "Desserts from Around th World!"

A photo from the fakeout “Desserts from Around th World!”

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