An Update from Millie and Senior Hill!

The seniors have been very busy as we enter into week 6 of summer 2014. Last night, our high seniors got dressed from head to toe in red Timber Tops gear and cheered on our high senior basketball team who came out to beat the Pine Forest girls under the lights at PFC. We were very excited about the win! We also had a few High Senior winners of Timber Tops Idol, our American Idol spinoff, compete in Pike County Idol against a number of different local camps. Claire Brodsky came in second overall and Reilly Wilmit took the fourth place spot. The 9th graders are working hard to get ready for our huge Banquet on the second to last night at camp. Shhhh, the theme is a surprise, but I can assure you that it’s a good one! The CAs also woke up the whole camp today for Timber Tops Tuesday! All campers wore their Timber Tops colors loud and proud to demonstrate their love of camp.

Low seniors (our 7th and 8th graders) have been busy participating in a number of special activities. Kelly Moshen is back with dance intensives, teaching us hip hop and helping us prepare for the inter-camp dance competition which we dominated today! ¬†We played a rousing game of Panic last night and Bunk Cedar won it all with a handwritten campfire song created on the spot which will soon be presented at our next campfire. The 8th graders have continued to compete in survivor competitions, the latest a fort building event that energized the entire grade. The 7th graders LOVED their first experience on the senior trip and came back with a number of souvenirs from their Lake George adventure. Escape from CTT was a blast a few nights ago as 6 camper pairs completed a number of camp related tasks in order to “escape” camp for some well-deserved ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, we have Old Timers tonight! 7 more of our favorite staff members are going on our 10 year tree. The rest of us are just as excited for our ice cream and camp songs in the dining hall. We’re looking forward to the last 2 weeks of camp! It’s going way too fast but we have so much more planned to end strong and ensure what we already know: that this is the BEST SUMMER EVER!

We are the champions!

We are the champions!
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