An Update from Senior Hill at CTT!

S-E-N-I-O-R-S Seniors, Seniors, WE’RE THE BEST!

We’ve had a very busy start-of-camp in the senior division! Seniors are all over CTT! They’re excelling on the ropes course (traversing the giant’s ladder, learning to repel, mastering knots, and making it to the top of the zip line and down again!) and a number of seniors just came back from an awesome canoe trip on the Delaware River. The CTT seniors won a recent soccer tournament against three other camps and dominated in today’s swim meet and yesterday’s USTA tennis tournament! We’ve also had a great time participating in a number of amazing workshops like Dancing with Kelly Moshen, founder of Project Moshen, Krav Maga self-defense, and intensive soccer clinics. We are SO excited to welcome Broadway performer Judine Sommerville, tomorrow for a special Broadway theater workshop! Arts and Crafts has also been especially awesome this year. We’ve been learning basket-weaving, mastering sewing (both free-hand and with machines), and making all kinds of amazing ceramic creations. Oh, and who can forget play practice! Our guess is that FROZEN will be our most amazing camp musical to date. (If it’s half as amazing as the senior lip sync, it’ll be incredible!)

7th graders have dominated in evening activities this week. GO 7th graders! They won Dance Dash and Panic (and especially liked dressing up as and imitating different head staff members). 8th graders have started their Survivor competition and the spirit and enthusiasm they show is SO impressive. They’re already become great leaders at camp and have been working hard on creating an awesome cabaret which is coming up soon. The 9th graders have enjoyed high senior bonding and made their own delicious pizzas the other night. There are already whispers of banquet! We can’t wait to see what this year’s theme will be! A number of 9th and 10th graders have pushed themselves to their limits in Muscles with Michelle. Michelle is both the head of our ropes course and our amazing CTT trainer. You should see this class in action! Of course, Jaggery, our CAs have been doing an amazing job leading the whole camp in spirit and enthusiasm. For example, Wacky Wednesdays are as wacky as ever. Today may have been the wackiest Wednesday in the history of Wacky Wednesday!

Stay tuned for adventures in seniors next week!Jaggery!

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