Another GREAT Day at CTT!

Have we mentioned how busy we are? Where to begin!

Today is SO action-packed. TOP basketball (our specialty basketball clinic) began, our riders were out at the ranch all morning, and regularly scheduled classes looked especially active and fantastic. It’s beautiful outside again: sunny, warm, perfect. PHEW! To celebrate? PIZZA LUNCH! Yum.

This afternoon, those girls who have siblings or cousins at PFC went over there for a visit, and more of our juniors are preparing for another upper field overnight! Tonight will be a great one, since our junior campers are scheduled for a lake/luau night, seniors are participating in Panic and Minute to Win It, and all those interested will have the opportunity to watch the Women’s World Cup Final! USA! USA!

Do you want to hear a joke from today’s Timber Talk? It’s a goodie:

How did Harry Potter get down the hill?
Walking…J.K., rolling!


Tune in tomorrow, Greeley lovers!


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