August!? What!? Say it Ain’t So!

Wow. This whole August 1st thing has us appreciating where we are and who we’re with even more than we normally do. Today it felt like we were singing a little louder, laughing a little harder, and doing our best to make each and every moment count. And it was a great day for diving into all things camp! There was so much to do!

This morning our Polar Bears headed out into Lake Selma and enjoyed their dip in the lake (with a side of hot chocolate and cookies) before the rest of us even opened our eyes. And though today was an S.F.A. (Supervised Free Activity) day, there were SO MANY THINGS to choose from, it felt even busier than usual. So much for a “lazy day!” This morning there were friendly hi-senior competitions happening against the boys of LOC! Our girls were INCREDIBLE, participating in soccer, basketball, lacrosse and tennis doubles. And we had the best time! And Owego wasn’t our only out-of-camp adventure today. We sent out another hiking trip to Raymonskill Falls and our hi-seniors got their turn at Costa’s!

In camp today, in addition to a delicious grove lunch, special activities were everywhere we looked! In cooking, “dirt cups” (more delicious than they sound) were a hit, in Zumba there was a Zumba dance-move competition (hey, we take our Zumba seriously around here), in fitness there was a grueling (but fun!) fitness challenge, and in mountain biking there was a “learn to ride a bike” workshop! So much to do, so little time!

Tonight, the seniors will enjoy a social with Lake Owego and the juniors will play a longtime camp favorite activity: jukebox!

Oh, and chants of “We want, we want, Pioneer Days! Pioneer Days”” have filled the air over the past few days. You may want to sleep with your shoes next to your beds, friends and followers. It (our version of Color War!) could happen any moment!

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