Canoe Regattas, Climbing Trips, Costa Rica, Movie Star Madness…We Can’t Keep Up!

Hello, camp family and friends!

Today was another gorgeous day in Greeley. We know! We know! It’s hard to believe, but each day has been more beautiful than the next up here in the mountains, probably about 10 degrees cooler here than wherever it is you’re reading this from! It truly is gorgeous, shaded, windy… Perfection!

Today we’ve been BUSY! First FUNFETTI PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST! We had a climbing trip out this morning, a canoe regatta out, a Top Cooks trip (yesterday, for some, to the Culinary Institute of America, today to a local(ish) restaurant), TOP Basketball at Pine Forest, waterskiing, tubing, and so much more! Lunch was our first Mac & Cheese (and tuna melts and tomato soup) of the summer, and the crowds went wild! Tonight, it’s roast beef, baked potatoes, Brussel sprouts, roasted carrots, matzo ball soup and homemade challah, of course. And it’s a canteen night (though juniors enjoy canteen in the afternoon instead). But the REAL excitement will take place after evening program lineup. It’s ALL-CAMP MOVIE STAR MADNESS! Counselors will be dressed as movie stars, and CAs will accompany campers around camp as they try to find and get autographs from as many movie stars as possible! It’s a night of stars under the stars, a CTT favorite!

But we can’t forget the other big story today, one of our biggest stories of the summer: after lunch our 11th graders headed to the airport and tonight fly to Costa Rica as part of our 11th Grade Leadership Program. CTT CITs, our 11th graders, join forces with the 11th graders at Lake Owego Camp and Pine Forest Camp during their 11th grade summer. Together, our campers plan and then implement a day camp for local, underprivileged Tican children. Before that memorable and, for many, life-changing community service experience, our campers will zip line, raft, and meander around the rain forest and explore their awesome new surroundings. Our campers will reflect upon the gift of camp that they’ve been given over so many years, and it’ll inspire their commitment to create that same kind of magic for others. It’s an awesome program our girls aspire to! And we partner with Rustic Pathways (a well-known student travel company) for this part of the program. Have THE BEST time, girls! PURA VIDA! We miss you already but know you’ll come back changed, with even more to contribute to our camp community. Parents of 11th graders: we will notify you via email once the flight has landed, and there will be a “Costa Rica” photo album in daily CampMinder photos whenever they’re sent from Costa Rica (whenever the wifi works)!

Before we go, two MAJOR announcements, both providing a window into camp! On your CampMinder account, you’ll find uploaded videos from Senior Lip Sync and our Week 1 video (also posted on Facebook and instagram and here’s an easy link on YouTube to share with family and friends)! Enjoy!

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