Chinese Food, Cleanest Bunks of the Week and Backtrack Vocals!

Another great day under the Greeley sun, loyal blog followers! It was a sunny, beautiful, picturesque day at camp with birds chirping, wind blowing and the sounds of happy campers echoing through the trees. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the videos posted on Facebook earlier today. There’s something in the water here at camp! Or maybe the bug juice?

Speaking of bug juice, big news from the dining hall tonight: CHINESE FOOD! The crowd’s going wild. We haven’t had it yet this summer, and boy is it EXTRA DELICIOUS here at camp.

Aside from a regular day of awesome activities from the lake to the pool and everywhere in between, we did have a few big winners worth mentioning. Drum roll please…

And the CLEANEST Bunks of the Week ARE:
Lo Juniors: Poplar
Hi Juniors: Palm Court + Dogwood
Seniors: Elm
Hi Seniors: Sycamore

Past prizes have included: ice cream party, a day in the life of a head staff member, skipping a day of instructional swim to watch a movie, the possibilities are endless! What will these campers choose as their prize? Only they know! Ask your camper in your next letter!

And tonight for evening program we have a SUPER SPECIAL event planned: a prime time, evening program, A CAPELLA SHOW by the one, the only…BACKTRACK VOCALS! Our oldest campers have made signs and t-shirts to welcome the 5-person group (you’d think Lady Gaga was coming the way we’re behaving around here)! Tune in for a special evening Facebook post live from the Timber Theater.

Hey, here’s a 4th of July joke for you:

Joke: What’s a holiday/long weekend called at camp?
Answer: CAMP!

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