Costa’s and a Social! Awesome!

You may or may not know that usually Thursdays are extra special around these parts, and today was one of those special Thursdays! Ordinarily, a Thursday means late sleep and SFA (Supervised Free Activity) all day. It’s an opportunity for campers to do more of what they love all around camp. Courts and fields are open for free play, A&C is bustling, and the zip line is working overtime.

Thursdays are also an opportunity for some extra special fun, and today that meant a trip (9 miles down the road) to Costa’s Family Fun Park for our junior campers (seniors will go next week)! Costa’s has waterslides, mini-golf, go carts, a batting cage, an arcade, bumper boats and more! Every camper is given a package with tokens for the arcade, passes for all the rides, and a voucher for ice cream. Our juniors had a BLAST, of course. They’re excited for their action-packed evening program tonight: Minute to Win It!

Seniors are excited for a social tonight with Owego! Each social has a theme, and this week’s theme is: Athletes and Mathletes. Campers are dressing up as Althletes or Mathletes, and heading to Owego for organized games, and a dance party, of course. (Timber Tops girls dance wherever they go!)

We feel like it’s becoming redundant, but it’s true…Another great day in Greeley!

PS- Today’s quiche for breakfast was delicious! That’s one way to get us to eat spinach!


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