Costa’s, Grove Lunch, Lake Night and More!

Good afternoon, friends and followers!

It’s been another great day in downtown Greeley! Congratulations to Olympics winners: THE RED TEAM! And the crowd went wild! But, in truth, we’re happy to be back together as one camp today, the red and white together, for our final days of first session. We know. We can’t believe it either.

But we’re hardly winding down (and we have more than 200 full season camper at Timber Tops)! Today we slept late, enjoyed a yummy Sunday breakfast, and then seniors had a day-o-fun at our local family fun park! Waterslides, go carts, ice cream, mini golf…It was awesome! And Juniors (who enjoyed Costa’s last week), enjoyed a day of Supervised Free Activity! There was also a canoe trip that headed out on the Delaware. Canoe believe it? 😉

Today, after a cookout lunch in the grove, we also had everyone checked out by the professional company “Lice Be Gone” to ensure that campers either come home to you or enter into the second part of the summer lice-free! Woohoo!

But only somewhat more exciting than a lice screening…Senior and 6th grade social with Owego! And D.J. Brad is in the house, so you know it’s gonna be a good one. For 2nd-5th graders? Lake night (even better)!

Life is good at camp!

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