Costa’s, Old Timers + New Timers!

Today was a great day in Greeley! The morning was a rainy one, but that didn’t prevent our Juniors from having the best time ever at Costa’s! Apparently go-carts are extra fun in the rain, because you get splashed! And waterslides and bumper boats are even more fun while getting wet from every angle! Who knew?! Our Juniors are the best! Seniors had it easier this afternoon with sunny skies for Costa’s, and it was a beautiful afternoon all around.

Tonight? Old Timers/New Timers!

OLD TIMERS CLUB IS THE BEST! First, let us assure you that new timers have a fun-filled, active, awesome party of their own, complete with a delicious snack, so fear not, moms and dads. But, here’s the truth: Timber Tops girls REALLY look forward to being Old Timers (which is what we call campers who’ve been at camp for 3 or more years).

The old timers party starts with a walk to the 10-year tree where 10-year old timers are inducted onto the tree by our head staff members. Each person is honored and spoken about. It’s a great and emotional ceremony where Timber Tops’ finest are given a moment in the spotlight.

Next? ICE CREAM PARTY TIME! Old timer campers AND counselors storm the dining hall, sit by year at camp, and basically sing every single camp song and cheer (including past Olympic and Pioneer Day songs) in recent (and not so recent) memory. They’re called up to the sundae bar by year at camp (longest at camp goes first and eats sundaes off of plates, naturally), and they sing into the wee hours of the night. Is there any other Timber Tops way? OH! Old timers get a special gift too. And 8-year old timers get a special old timer’s shirt! And plaques! Old Timers get PLAQUES! We love a good tradition.

Life is good in Greeley!

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