It must be August.

Last night, for the first time, right on cue after the campfire, you could hear them…Crickets. They’re back. It’s amazing the way nature works. On August 1st each year, just as darkness falls, you can hear a few for the first time in Greeley. Pretty soon, it will be a symphony of sound. They’re always a sure sign that the last chapter of camp has begun. Only two weeks of fun left, the camp show, Pioneer Days, the Banquet, wishing boat ceremony and more. It’s a lot to squeeze in in just under two weeks, but we’re ready to make every moment count.

Today was a great one at camp. We welcomed twenty Explorer campers to stay overnight as guests. They were seen at the lake, on the zip line, in gymnastics and beyond. We hope they’ll join us in 2016! The rest of us had a fantastic day of regular schedule. Tonight? Pool party for juniors and human board games for seniors! We’re happy to have the crickets accompany our singing under the Greeley sky. They remind us to cherish each moment left together.


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