First Day of Camp Recap + THE SONG OF THE SUMMER REVEAL!

It was a great first day at camp! So many excited new and old faces down the winding road, together as CTT 2017! Finally! We’ve been waiting 10 months for this moment! The buses rolled in without a hitch, bags were unpacked, health checks were completed, our first camp pizza (the best pizza ever) lunch was devoured, and excitement soared in every part of camp. From Junior Village to Senior Hill, all the way to the CAs in Lenox (their beautiful new village of cabins), good camp vibes filled the air. We said to ourselves, “wow, we don’t remember an opening day where campers just seemed quite as over-the-moon!”

Tonight? THE STAFF SHOW! Each activity area performs for the camp and introduces themselves and their activity area. Aside from the running and jumping and screaming and reuniting, the highlight of the day was the world premiere of our song and dance of the summer just moments ago. Every year, we write and produce our own “CTT version” of a song on the radio. Played at the start of every lineup (yes, morning and evening! Every day!), the entire camp sings and dances to a carefully choreographed number. HERE IT IS!

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back!: CTT 2017 Song of the Summer (To the Tune of Shawn Mendes, “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back.”)

And the crowd went wild! By tomorrow, the entire camp will be singing and dancing along, so start practicing, mom + dads!

A reminder…

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GOODNIGHT, PARENTS! Take a deep breath. It was a truly great and beautiful day at camp. Life is good up here in the mountains of Greeley, PA! Until tomorrow!


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