First Session Sendoff

Well, folks, it’s that time. Time to pack up and say goodbye to our wonderful first-session campers. We just cannot believe how fast this first half of our season has flown. We’re sure that your first-session campers will be thrilled to see you, but we’re also pretty sure that they’re feeling sad to leave this magical place down the winding road.

Today is an unusual one. It’s packing for for those first session campers, followed by a gymnastics show and a dance show too. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the amazing things we’ve learned in this short first half of summer. We already miss our first-session campers! It just won’t be the same without them.

Tonight, we’ll have our official first-session sendoff evening program. “Wishing Well,” down the winding road into camp, is an evening program where those leaving tomorrow will line Mitchell Creek, penny in hand, and throw their penny over their shoulder, into the creek, making a wish for next summer. The rest of us stand on the other side and watch. We then walk back down the path together, singing camp songs, one final time. Tonight is a beautiful, emotional night at camp.

Tomorrow? We wave goodbye to our first-session campers and then head off to the water park for some distracting, epic, full-season, once-a-summer camp fun.

PS- Today was a “day off” for our oldest campers. Since none leave tomorrow, we send them out of camp to the movies and dinner! It’s hard-earned, after a session of leading the camp in sportsmanship and fun! It’s good to be a CA!

PPS- Last night’s play was AMAZING! Some said, best EVER at CTT. What a night!

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