Gaga, Survivor, Pasta-Making, Oh My!

Another day of over-the-top, good old-fashioned, summertime fun down the winding road! It’s been gorgeous this week: chilly in the morning (perfect for fuzzy pajamas at lineup) and warm enough for shorts and shorts by the time activities roll around (shorts and shorts is “camp speak” for shorts on the bottom and short-sleeved shirts on top). Don’t worry, parents: we’re mastering good habits of sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles and more. It’s amazing how after only a couple of days it feels like we’ve been here forever! Our first real inspection was a success too: everyone passed! Keep those bunks tidy, ladies! We’ve got a long summer ahead!

Exciting highlights from today have included an epic senior gaga tournament, our first canteen of the summer (YES!), private tennis and fitness lessons in full swing, a pasta making class in cooking, and the giving out of BIG AND LITTLE SISTERS! Here’s the catch: though big sisters (returning campers) are given little sisters (first year campers) today, little sisters won’t find out who their big sisters are until tomorrow at the big Big/Little Campfire! In true Timber Tops style, surprises from big sisters aren’t just things, they’re experiences! We’ve seen big sisters create scavenger hunts for their little sisters, we’ve seen beds being made for little sisters, and we’ve even seen little sisters leaving thank you notes for big sisters! What an awesome 36 hours before the big reveal! More on big and little sisters tomorrow.

This morning at lineup we took a photo of 2nd (and 3rd!) generation Timber Tops girls, those who have a parent or grandparent who went to Timber Tops (or Lake Owego or Pine Forest). We must have had 50 kids! It’s awesome and humbling to have so many alumna send us their children! We love getting to know generations of Timber Tops families.

A final moment worth mentioning was the beginning of our awesome 8th grade Survivor competition today! 8th grade “tribes” compete all summer in team-building, age-group bonding activities. Today our groups were given theirĀ  Survivor bandanas and began the first of many challenges! Who will Survive? Only time will tell!

That’s all from Greeley, PA, folks! See you tomorrow for more Timber Talk!



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