HI, from CAMP!

It’s here! It’s happening! Let the fun begin!

Last night, counselors wrote an “I’m OK” postcard home introducing themselves and the bunk. It’s a real card, hand-written note, covered in bugspray and sunscreen from a long, happy, first camp day. The penmanship might not always be the best but the happy sentiments are real. The first full day of camp was terrific. Maybe our best first day ever. Really! We can just sense an amazing camp spirit in the air!

Activities are in full swing, our play (FROZEN!) was announced, our dance workshops are underway and the weather has been PERFECT. Cool in the morning, warm by day, cool again by night. The way camp should be! By the way, word on the street is that the food is better than ever this summer. Last night’s quinoa, spinach and strawberry salad was especially great with a side of Bubbe Barbara Black’s kugel. The BBQ chicken was fab too. Really. Just ask your camper! This morning our pancakes (or Chobani yogurt!) were topped with blueberries and strawberries, so we’re getting into the 4th of July spirit! Speaking of spirit, our staff show was AMAZING (because our counselors are amazing), and the theme/song of the summer was announced: TIMBER TOPS IS CLASSIC!

Other highlights? Horseback riding starts today, water-skiers are out for the first time, and last night’s human anagrams were a huge hit for senior girls. There were a lot of bunk spas in junior village during rest yesterday (Timber Tops Red nails, left by the tooth fairy, was an especially popular choice), hi-senior bonding/pizza fest was a delicious success and our 11th graders started prepping for their community service trip to Costa Rica. They’re loving their new yurt! More to come soon with inter-camp tournaments, updates from the new gymnastic pavilion and an all-time Timber Tops favorite, creek stomping in outdoor rec! A lot happens at camp in 48 hours!

Anyway, look for your counselor’s “I’m OK” card in the mail in the next few days, and remember: mail takes a few days longer coming from Greeley. If you have any questions or concerns, just call us in the camp office! We’re here for you!



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