Hikin’, Ballin’, Coolin’ Off Around Camp (+ Shohola Falls)!

Monday? What’s Monday? We’re having a blast in what will (fingers crossed!) be the last day of our HEATWAVE! But don’t worry, moms and dads, we’re drinking plenty of water still and making sure to cool off in the sprinklers we’ve strategically placed all around camp. We hope not to need our makeshift camp-wide sprinkler system after tomorrow since it’s supposed to be much more reasonable up here in the mountains in the coming days.

Today started with Monday late sleep which, in truth, ended up not being late sleep for many. Our Polar Bears got up early to pop into the lake and our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade campers interested set off for Shohola Falls! In addition to beautiful sites, the Shohola Falls waterfall hike included some creek meandering which was a highlight of the trips. And all 6th graders went in the afternoon! At Timber Tops we try to push campers just a comfortable distance outside of their comfort zones in order to enjoy and appreciate nature while here. Hey, it’s CAMP after all.

After a successful brother/sister visitation with Pine Forest Camp, we sent those interested in a little inter-camp fun over to Pine Forest to play! Volleyball, basketball and soccer games were in full swing, and it was a great time had by all. It’s so nice having PFC just down the road for some friendly competition!

Another highlight of the day, last but most certainly not least, was Food Network star (and Timber Tops mom!) Melissa d’Arabian popping in to teach a Top Cooks class today! She also stopped by our 5th period cooking class to give us some pro tips like how to properly crack an egg! Did you know there’s a way to properly crack an egg? We do now! Here’s her bio in case you’re not already a Food Network fan! Melissa is as kind as she is accomplished (and her girls are awesome too)!

Tonight’s evening programs are JUNIOR POOL PARTY, Low Senior COOKIE BAKE + MOVIE, and Hi-Senior PANIC!

Never a dull moment down the winding road! Today was one of those days we’ll remember forever.

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