July 1! CTT! Yes!

It’s another awesome day at camp.

By a stroke of luck we dodged the bad weather in the area almost all day (it started storming just as shower time hit), and it was sunny and warm and business as usual all day. Whew! This morning camp was in a great groove: Mary Poppins play practice at the Timber Theatre, Knot classes in Adventure, mountain biking galore, the Lily Lane Running Club looking strong as ever, and dance class like we’ve never seen it. These girls are on the move! Arts and Crafts was hopping, too, with paper mache letter-making and Lake Selma necklace vials. They are awesome! Oh, and tennis! Oh and gymnastics, oh and LAX and basketball! There are too many exciting happenings to name, but dare we say that of all the places in the world this holiday weekend, we feel so lucky to be right here at Camp Timber Tops. There’s nowhere better in the world!

Tonight Juniors have “Name That Tune” (a beloved evening program), and an early-to-bed night with lights out by 9. Why? Because we’re so busy, and there’s only more fun and excitement unfolding in the next few days. We need to rest up! We’re pooped! As for older campers, Lo Seniors will enjoy FOOD FACTOR and Hi Seniors will finally have their turn at PANIC!

Last night our 11th graders made it to Costa Rica safe and sound. Due to some inclement weather, they were actually diverted to an alternative airport in Costa Rica, and spent the night in Liberia before hopping on a bus this morning to begin their adventure. Our 11th graders at Timber Tops join forces with the 11th graders at Lake Owego Camp and Pine Forest Camp and together, our campers plan and then implement a day camp for local, underprivileged Tican children. Before that memorable and, for many, life-changing community service experience, our campers will zip line, raft, and meander around the rain forest and explore their awesome new surroundings. Our campers will reflect upon the gift of camp that they’ve been given over so many years, and it’ll inspire their commitment to create that same kind of magic for others. It’s an awesome program our girls aspire to!

That’s all from Greeley, friends! Tomorrow you won’t believe what we have in store. Spoiler alert: BACKTRACK VOCALS IS COMING! (Google it!)

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