July 2nd + 3rd at CTT!

Hello, loyal followers! Many apologies for the delay in yesterday’s entry. Internet in this part of the world can be touch and go. But we’re back and better than ever!

Let’s start at the beginning. Saturday morning was chilly at camp! 58 degrees when we woke up! Some good ol’ fashioned lineup dancing warmed us right up, and we were off for another sunny day of fun in Greeley. Special activities yesterday included an advanced soccer clinic on the upper field, a combined Drama/Yoga class (DROGA! It was awesome!) and an 8th grade Survivor competition.

Every year, our 8th graders are split into teams by bunk, and they compete against other 8th grade bunks for the proud title of 8th GRADE SURVIVOR! Our 8th grade Survivor competition is just one way we bring our 8th graders together for weekly team building activities and grade-wide bonding. It’s become a beloved Timber Tops tradition that the girls look forward to sharing in. Yesterday’s competition was Survivor “CHOPPED” in the dining hall. Boy, do we have some talented chefs among us! This year, the self-named 8th grade survivor teams are: Bikini Bottoms, Watermelonies, and Sparta. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. These competitions are always nail-biters, and anyone could win!

Last night’s evening programs were split by divisions. Juniors participated in a fantastic version of Name That Tune, Seniors initiated our first-ever camp version of “Cut Throat Kitchen,” and Hi-Seniors had their go at PANIC! It was a great night in camp!

Today, Sunday, July 3rd, brought another beautiful day of perfect weather. The sun’s been shining, the birds are chirping; it’s the perfect place to be on this holiday weekend. Good thing, because we’re not going anywhere! We enjoyed late sleep this morning, and a delicious breakfast of bagels, lox, eggs, potatoes, cinnamon buns and fruit salad. Lacrosse and field hockey clinics were popular today as was our first-ever LAKE instructional swim! Why? Why not! The juniors had a blast! And speaking of juniors… BIG NEWS from Junior Village: Sassafras has won cleanest bunk of the week! They earned blues and hi-blues on inspection all week! Sassafras has requested that their prize be homemade ice cream sandwiches on homemade chocolate chip cookies. We’re working on it! Cross your fingers, Sassafras!

And tonight, our ENTIRE camp will enjoy the CTT world premiere of…RAINBOW SCAVENGER HUNT! Check out your CampMinder account to see it unfold!

Oh, and tomorrow? You’ll have to see it to believe it. JULY 4th in GREELEY is as good as it gets!

8th Grade Survivor!

8th Grade Survivor!

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