July 4th at CTT!

There’s really nothing like July 4th at Camp Timber Tops. We know, we know: some travel far and wide for the perfect beach escape or summer weekend adventure, but there’s just something in the air in Greeley that makes July 4th here unforgettable, dare we say the best place on earth. Once you’ve spent July 4th at Timber Tops, a little part of you will always be at Timber Tops on July 4th. Alumnae everywhere would agree!

The day starts with a much-needed late (8:45AM) wakeup, though CAs wake up the camp with fury, and we hit the ground running. Clad in red, white, and blue (and international staff in their own colors and flags!), we gather around the flagpole for dancing, singing and cheering to patriotic songs! After a louder-than-usual pledge of allegiance and raising of the flag, we bolted into the decorated dining hall for a red, white and blue (sense a theme?) breakfast of especially delicious creme brulee french toast with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream on top. Oh, and don’t forget our Timber Tops 4th of July traditional favorite: KRISPY KREMES! It wouldn’t be July 4th without them.

Our first official activity this morning is an all–camp GO BANANAS! Ask your camper about it! Next up? The American vs. International staff soccer game. USA! USA! USA! While we cheered, campers enjoyed two American favorite: freshly popped popcorn and root beer floats! Speaking of delicious, we all enjoyed a special grove lunch picnic under the pine trees. It’s a warm, beautiful day at camp.

This afternoon is bound to be an awesome. After rest hour, bunks will set up stations and create their own carnival games (which they’ve been planning) including limbo, ring toss, skeeball, tic tac toe, “dance party,” hula hooping, and more. We believe in homegrown, campy carnival fun, but we also brought in the real deal: a HUGE inflatable obstacle course for the pool and a number of other inflatable objects and circus stations on the upper field! The girls will spend the afternoon at the carnival, at the pool, and enjoying this special, relaxed day at camp!

And the pièce de résistance? FIREWORKS! Tonight after dinner (WINGS and more!), Lake Owego Camp for Boys is coming over for a night of fun. The Juniors (CTT and LOC together) will play Minute to Win it. The Seniors and Hi-Seniors will participate in organized lawn games and hang out on the upper field before being joined by the Juniors for our awesome (really- it’s spectacular!) fireworks show. Fireworks at camp are just one of those childhood memories you carry with you for your whole life. That and “firecracker” ice pops, a Timber Tops 4th of July staple. It doesn’t get much more magical than this. 

To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We’re getting good at celebrating our independence every day down the winding road! 

Happy 4th!

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