JUNIORS RULE! Bowling, Know Your Bunk, Canteen, Match Madness!

This morning our 7th graders left for theĀ Adirondacks and 8th graders left for Burlington, Vermont! Have fun, ladies! We’ll miss you! But in truth, we’re having the BEST DAY EVER here in Greeley, PA. JUNIORS RULE! On sunnier days, we get big inflatables and water slides on the upper field, but alas, the sun has not been on our side. Do not fear, moms and dads, for we planned a rainy day adventure that didn’t disappoint…. WE WENT BOWLING! Each grade level went bowling with their Lake Owego counterpart today! Woohoo! When not out of camp bowling their hearts out, the day back at camp included a SUPER fun “Know Your Bunk” special activity and canteen. We repeat, CANTEEN! Tonight’s evening program is also with the boys at Lake Owego. MATCH MADNESS! We’ll see what we all have in common!

Never a dull moment, folks. And have we mentioned… JUNIORS RULE!

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