Juniors Unite! CTT + LOC SWITCH DAY!

It’s a great day to be a Timber Tops girl. Okay, okay, we know we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again! 7th graders are in Cooperstown, NY, 8th graders are at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Burlington, 9th graders are in Newport, RI, and 10th graders are Jet Boating in Montreal…Life is good! But life is good in Greeley, too! Juniors are in for the BEST DAY EVER in what we call Camp Timber Tops/Lake Owego Camp SWITCH DAY! And guess what? It’s GORGEOUS out! YES!

This morning, our 6th graders head to Lake Owego to participate in activities with the Lake Owego 6th graders, and our 2nd-5th graders stay at Timber Tops but welcome Lake Owego’s 2nd-5th graders to participate in choice activities here with us! In the afternoon, we’ll swap! The choices at both camps are awesome. At Timber Tops today, CTT & LOC campers can choose to participate in cooking, tennis, gymnastics, archery, outdoor cooking, lake, dance, zumba, arts and crafts, soccer, basketball, gaga, yoga, and newcomb! COOL! And at Lake Owego, campers will choose between ropes, arts and crafts, gaga, basketball, archery, fencing, tennis, lake, ultimate frisbee, newcomb and indoor soccer!

And guess what?! We’ll even split up for LUNCH today with CTT & LOC 6th graders all at Lake Owego and 2nd-5th graders all at CTT! Are we crazy or what!??

After general swim (still mixed!), we’ll head back to our respective camps for shower time and dinner. And evening program at CTT is going to be AMAZING. What’s evening program, you ask? Well… It’s… CTT CAMP RECORDS! Juniors will compete to go down in the Timber Tops Book of Camp Records! Woohoo!


52 Card Pick Up
Box Stitch with Lanyard
Cheese Wall Climb
Lap on the Upper Field
Length of Pool: Back Stroke
Length of Pool: Breast Stroke
Length of Pool: Freestyle
Recitation of the 50 States

Bouncing a Tennis Ball on a Racquet
Holding a Hand Stand
Juggling a Soccer Ball
Juggling Three Tennis Balls
Outstretched Arms Holding Pitchers
Standing on one Foot

Consecutive Good Tennis Serves
Consecutive Tennis Rallies
Foul Shots in One Minute
Pirouettes: Grace Barnett
Writing Pi to the furthest digit
Fastest Run Up Lily Lane:
Longest time Hula Hooping:

Everyone will participate (in as few or as many events as she wishes)! It’s going to be an awesome night that will go down in history…LITERALLY! Ha!

By late tonight, all trips will have return to Greeley. It’s great being out in the world, but there’s no place like camp.

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