Life is a CABARET!

Hi Parents!

We’re back to “regular” programming (though there’s nothing regular happening here) after what was an amazing Olympic Games. The BLUE TEAM inched ahead to win the title of victor last night with only a TWO POINT WIN! That has to be some kind of camp record. Regardless, we were all happy to sing “down with Olympic Games, up with CTT!” So now, we’re back in action. One camp. The red and white. Perfection!

Though it was drizzling on and off, we were able to stay true to a normal camp schedule, but our CAs left camp for their hard-earned day off! Counselors earn days off throughout the summer, and for their leadership and all-around awesomeness, the CAs get a “day off” each session too! Today, to thank them for their hard work as the leaders of Olympics, they headed out for a delicious Hibachi lunch and an afternoon at the movies. It’s good to be a CA!

Tonight we have a very special program planned! Our annual CTT talent show is anything but ordinary, it’s a a CABARET! Our 8th graders have been working hard to create a theme, decorations, and special snacks for this evening’s cabaret. And it’s a surprise! Everyone is so excited for what’s to unfold. Stay tuned as our 8th graders reveal this year’s theme!

Life is a cabaret, especially at CTT!


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