Monday Funday at CTT!

First we’ll open by saying that last night’s Cabaret, with the theme of SAFARI, was truly one of our best ever. The 8th graders set a new bar for what the night should be, and we loved every moment of entertainment, special snacks and FUN. Oh, and what came next was pretty exciting too: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, Olympic Games, DOGS AROUND THE WORLD! But, alas, another fakeout. This fakeout thing is getting old! We’re ready! We’re waiting! It’s gotta be any moment!

And now today, it’s been another awesome and action-packed day down the winding road.

Starting with a bang, we participated and WON an 11 and under soccer tournament at Camp Blue Ridge (playing against three other camps as well!), we headed to a dance competition at Camp Canadensis where we DOMINATED (and more importantly had SO much fun), and we sent a group of hi-seniors on a canoe trip down the Delaware River! What a way to start the week! We’re scoring and dancing and canoeing the day away. Oh, and it was a gorgeous day out on Lake Wallenpaupack where many of our junior campers went watersking and tubing (on our new pontoon boat!) and came back on cloud nine! The rest of us had a normal day, or as normal as it gets around here: there were underwear on the head challenges at lunch, singing dinners, and plenty of goofiness to go around.

But as great as the day has been, and as happy as we are, we just can’t get it out of our heads: WE WANT, WE WANT OLYMPICS! OLYMPICS!

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