Monday is a Great Day at Camp!

No case of the Mondays here!

This morning was business as usual here at camp. And by “business as usual,” we mean singing through breakfast, dancing through lineup, and wearing inside-out clothing  as a dare from younger girls.

Tennis looked great today as did our enormous Zumba lesson, and volleyball looks to be especially popular this summer! Oh, and you should SEE the awesome pillows the girls are designing and sewing in Arts & Crafts. Well, you will on Visiting Day!

This afternoon, after some rain at the end of 4th period, we broke into divisions for rainy-day scheduling which, believe it or not, is always a much-anticipated, highlight of the season at CTT! Juniors rocked it out with a special program called “Jukebox,” Seniors participated in “Know Your Counselor,” and Hi-Seniors practiced for what is sure to be an over-the-top awesome Lip Sync (stay tuned for Wednesday night’s big reveal)!

Tonight, as the rain winds down, Juniors will compete in an all-time-favorite evening program, PANIC, and Seniors will play Against the Odds.

In short, another great day down the winding road!

Big news for tomorrow…Our 11th graders head out on their big adventure to HAWAII! More to come then!


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