Olympics 2019: Day 2!


7:45     Wake up – by Zelkova

8:10     Junior Breakfast/Senior Clean-Up

8:40     Line-Up

8:50     Senior Breakfast/Junior Clean-Up

9:30     Team Meetings

Organize team competition

Sr. softball, Sr. basketball, Sr. field hockey, Jr./Sr. Soccer

Jr. newcombe, Jr. kickball, Jr. Gaga, Sr Flag football

10:00 Team Competition

Softball (upper field), basketball (basketball court) GaGa (Gaga courts)

Kickball (upper field), newcombe (Beach), soccer (upper field), field hockey (upper field) Sr Flag football (upper field)

  1. Red vs Yellow
  2. Green vs Blue
  3. Winners
  4. Consolation game

11:30   Team Meetings

Select swim meet participants and Dodgeball participants

Work on song and cheer

12:10   Campus Clean Up

Red– Outdoor Theater, Flagpole, Junior Village

Blue– Lower fields, Lake, lower courts, Olympic grove

Yellow– Upper fields, paths to pool, gymnastics, fitness, b-ball, upper courts

Green– Grove, Senior Hill, road, Plateau


LUNCH – (12:30 Juniors/ 1:00 Seniors)

2:00     Team Meetings

2:30     Swim Meet

4:00     Dodgeball – upper tennis courts

4:30     Showers


5:30 – Juniors

6:00 – Line-Up

6:10 – Seniors

6:40 Team practice

7:30 Evening duel (Outdoor Theater)

Song, cheer and banner!

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