Orange Wednesday, Lip Sync, Gallery CTT + About Last Night

Another beautiful day at camp! The birds are chirping, the wind is blowing, and the skies are a perfect shade of blue. We don’t know what’s happening in the world outside of these forests, but right here in Greeley things are pretty great!

This morning we woke to the CAs (aka 10th graders, aka Lenox) running through each cabin in BRIGHT orange singing and cheering and making a fuss. Why?! Because it’s ORANGE WEDNESDAY, of course! What’s orange Wednesday? It’s just any regular ol’ Wednesday at Camp Timber Tops where you dress up in orange and go wild! Because CAMP! Aside from all the orange, there’s plenty to be jazzed about today. Our canteen area has become an art gallery with drawings from our sketching class. Our seniors who participated sketched Bunk Oak, and the beautiful artwork now hangs for all to see! Also super exciting is the buzz in the air surrounding tonight’s evening program: SENIOR LIP SYNC! Senior bunks have chosen a song to lip sync for the whole camp (think “old-fashioned” MTV music videos). Who will win?! Will it be Lenox? Will there be an upset? We’ll know late tonight! Juniors will have their turn next week, and they’re bursting with excitement to get in the lip sync game too.

Before we go, a story from last night’s Big Sister/Little Sister Campfire. It was really one for the books. One of our awesome CAs, Sammi, got up at the campfire to talk about how during her first summer at camp five years ago, her big sister gave her a little bear keychain as a special gift and, at the campfire, told her that one day, when she was a CA, she was to give her little sister that same bear keychain at her CA Big Sister/Little Sister Campfire. As Sammi’s big sister, her now-counselor Mia, looked on, Sammi gave her keychain to her little sister, first-year camper Clancey. It was such a beautiful and emotional Timber Tops moment. We can’t stop thinking about it! What an extraordinary sisterhood we’re creating down this winding road.

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold…”

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