Orange Wednesday, Maui, the Appalachian Trail, + a Lip Sync!

So much happens in a single day at Camp Timber Tops that it’s hard to know where to begin. So today, we’ll start at the beginning…

This morning, our oldest campers (called CAs or “Tamanu”) woke up the camp dressed in orange and announced that Wednesdays at camp would be Orange Wednesdays, our version of a themed Wacky Wednesday. So, yes, on Wednesdays we wear orange. If you’re thinking to yourself, “but I didn’t pack my daughter an orange t-shirt!” Fear not. She will have one soon enough!

Now, for a moment, we’ll backtrack. at 1:30AM, our 11th graders landed in Maui, Hawaii to begin the service-learning portion of our 11th grader leadership program. You read that correctly: our 11th graders are in HAWAII! In the past, our 11th graders (along with 11th graders from Lake Owego Camp and Pine Forest Camp) have traveled to Costa Rica to plan and execute a day camp for local, underprivileged children. They’ve thought about all they’ve most loved about camp and tried to give the magic of camp to those who otherwise would never know it. This year, with Zika warnings and the risk of that unknown, we moved our trip to Maui, and our 11th graders will still plan a day camp for local children in need. We can’t wait to see what they come up with in these next 10 days, and we’re thrilled that they’re settling into their Hawaiian home so nicely. Have the BEST time, girls!

But back to Greeley…

At Timber Tops we believe that camp should feel DIFFERENT from home. SO, our trips out of camp are CAMPY! They take advantage of where we are in the world, and they challenge campers to do things they might not do at school or in the neighborhood. Today marked the beginning of our tripping adventures for the summer with a group of hi-senior girls hiking the Appalachian Trail near the Delaware Water Gap. These girls had the BEST time and came back raving about the beautiful day, the hike, the views, and the siting of (get this…) a baby bear! So awesome.

Tonight is SENIOR LIP SYNC! Every senior bunk has chosen a song and dance and will perform for the entire camp (think MTV music videos)! Juniors will have their turn in another few days. Stay tuned, parents, and remember to check our your CampMinder account for photos!

*** A NOTE: speaking of campy… In the first two days of camp, much of Junior camp had very little water pressure in the bunk. We couldn’t figure it out! We called in everyone! Guess what? Over the winter, squirrels had hidden nuts deep within the plumbing system, and there were hundreds of nuts blocking water from making its way to the lower bunks. The good news is, we’re back on track. We’ve cleaned out the nuts, and water pressure is back and better than ever! Only at camp!***

11th Graders in Maui! Awesome!

11th Graders in Maui! Awesome!

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