Orange Wednesday, Singing in the Rain, Senior Lip Sync!

It’s Orange Wednesday! Why? We’re not sure! It just is! At Camp Timber Tops, our oldest (traditional) campers are called CAs. They’re going into 10th grade, and they name themselves, using a tree name, the summer before their CA year. This year’s CAs are.. ALDER! They live in the CA Village together, and they lead the entire camp in spirit, friendship, fun and, well, good ol’ fashioned camp wackiness. In the spirit of this aforementioned wackiness, it’s not unusual for the CAs to wake up camp in the morning and announce a theme! It could be backwards day, CATurday, Orange Wednesday…The possibilities are endless. And so, today was our first Orange Wednesday. Will there be more? Only time will tell, folks!
The day started off as a perfectly average day: lineup dance, french toast sticks, spontaneous wakeup with everyone dressed in orange…Until RAIN! Our first rainy day! Woohoo! So, instead of regular activities, we went with a rainy day schedule. Juniors participated in Action Auction (a CTT CLASSIC!), and seniors split their morning between an epic game of “Know Your Counselor,” and Lip Sync practice. 
That’s right, folks! Tonight is Senior Lip Sync, and we are so excited we could burst! Juniors will take it all in tonight and promptly begin working on their own Lip Syncs for next week! Though maybe counterintuitive, rainy days are actually reserved for some of the most fun, campy programs we’ve got. Days like today are often among our very favorites. 
We’ve had a particularly great start to camp thanks to extra hard-working staff, so instead of a rest hour counselor meeting, we held a surprise staff ice cream party! CTT counselors are the best of the best! After lunch and rest hour, we attempted a regular schedule. Though still spitting outside, we did as much “normal” programming as we could. Hey, as long as we’re together, we don’t mind singing in the rain!
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