Oreo Week, Paddleboard Yoga, Tours + More!

Saturday? What’s Saturday?! At camp every day feels like a vacation, so Tuesdays and Saturdays are equally as magical under the Greeley sky. But today marks ONE WEEK at camp! Can you believe it?! This week has flown by, though it also feels like we’ve been here forever. We say that every day at camp feels like a week at home, and it’s true! That’s why the friendships made here often become our most sacred ones.

We officially started tours this weekend, and it’s so much fun showing prospective families camp…And all because of our awesome campers! Families are amazed by just how HAPPY our campers are here, so thank you for raising and sharing such fabulous girls. If anyone you know is thinking of visiting us for a tour, Play Day or Explorers this summer, now’s the time to come see camp! Great camp families know other great, prospective camp families, so thanks for sharing the CTT love!

Back to camp. In cooking, Oreo week is going strong, today with Oreo brownies, and outdoor cooking made amazingly delicious dipped apples. At Lake Selma we held paddleboard yoga classes, and at lineup we announced that tomorrow marks the start of the POLAR BEAR CLUB! What’s that, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see! Archery is looking good this year, and Gaga has never been more popular. Gymnastics private lessons, dance private lessons, tennis lessons, one-on-fitness, Top Cooks, horseback riding are all in full swing!

Tonight’s activities will be divisional. Juniors will participate in ridiculous relays, low seniors will compete in Food Factor, and Hi Seniors will sit back, relax, and enjoy a cookie bake movie night.

But maybe the most exciting part of the day? And even better than our usual nightly recap? THE CTT WEEK 1 VIDEO! See the magic for yourself! If you go to your CTT connection, where you ordinarily click on “photos,” click on the “video” tab. Or take a look on our Facebook page! Enjoy Week 1 of CTT 2018!

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