Our First FULL DAY of Camp 2017!

Wow. What a day! We couldn’t have been luckier with weather: 73 degrees and sunny pretty much all day! For breakfast: bagels (with a choice of regular, strawberry or lox cream cheese), eggs, and potatoes. (Every day at breakfast we also have fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, regular yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal, oatmeal and hard boiled eggs.) For lunch: sandwich and wrap bar with options including roast beef, turkey, bologna, chicken, egg salad, tuna salad, hummus and more. For dinner: “Chipotle!” Our kitchen does an amazing homemade spread of pulled chicken, beef and tofu options with rice bowls or burritos complete with veggies galore and all the fixin’s. (At lunch and dinner we always have an extensive salad bar and pasta option as well!)

You may have seen the video on our Facebook page from this morning’s lineup where the entire camp learned our song and dance of the summer. If you haven’t looked, check it out! There’s just something in the air here that, as our song goes, makes us lose our inhibitions – “there’s nothing holding me back!” Just wait until a few days from now when we’ve really got the song and dance down!

We have been active all day, and it’s so nice to see camp come to life with campers who are so happy and excited to be here and get moving! The pool was hoppin’, new inflatables in the lake were already being put to great use, and we witnessed some beginner sailing classes taking shape that are bound to be a hit. Also: paddleboarding! Are we on Lake Selma or are we in the Caribbean!? Campers began mastering Jacob’s Ladder on the adventure course, the Nature Nook was crawling with campers excited for “creature catching” (aka fishing and frog finding), and cooking classes, both indoor and outdoor, attracted crowds young and old. Hughie Field was also the place to be today with Zumba classes rocking out, field hockey in motion, gymnastics lessons taking shape, and our first flag football clinic of the summer a major success! Have we mentioned the mountain bikers zooming down Lily Lane and the tennis privates taking over Marvin Courts? Not to be overlooked, Arts + Crafts beaded up a storm, dance classes were leaping and stretching and Drama began try-outs (everyone makes it, not to worry!) for the play: Mary Poppins! AWESOME! We couldn’t be more excited.

Speaking of the play, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Evening Program at camp is a real highlight of each and every day at CTT and tonight will be no exception:

Juniors: PANIC! Seniors: Minute to Win It! Hi-Seniors: Against the Odds! Ask your camper to tell you all about it!

There’s no such thing as Sunday night blues down the winding road! All is well under the Greeley stars, and we can’t wait to get going again tomorrow. Tune in then for more Timber Talk!


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