Our Version of Color War: Why Pioneer Days is the Greatest! A Recap!

We know every camp has Color War.
We know every camp divides into teams and cheers.
We know every camp has a breakout.

Pioneer Days at Camp Timber Tops is SO MUCH COOLER!

Pioneer Days isn’t just for athletes. Sure, there’s the usual tug-o-war fun and plenty of athletic events, but Pioneer Days are SO much more. Here are some classic events that have made up these past few favorite days at Timber Tops:

Team dance

Team cheer

Barber Shop Quartet- think GLEE!

Jug Band (each time forms a band using only found objects!)

Butter churning

Watermelon and pie eating!

A biathlon

A mountain bike relay

Banner committee

Campsite building (think a whole village in the woods!)

Meal committee (each team makes a gourmet feast)

Adventure Challenge (at the ropes course!)

A swim meet (including  wacky relays!)

Waterfront events

And more!

Here are just a few photos from our awesome three days of Pioneer Days 2014: ACROSS THE AGES! It was one for the CTT history books!


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