Partner Yoga, Creek Stomping, The Culinary Institute, Inter-Camp Games Galore, and SO much more!

No surprise here, but it was another beautiful day here in downtown Greeley, PA! The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect, and life is good at camp. And it wasn’t just a beautiful day, it was an action-packed one!

There is so much happening here in one activity period. Partner yoga, junior lifeguarding courses, archery, candle-making in Arts & Crafts, tennis private lessons, creek stomping, beginners and advanced jogging, smoothie bowl making, mountain biking, field hockey clinics, news team action in media, and so much more! Oh! How could we forget?! Breakdancing! That’s right, we had a junior breakdancing clinic during 4th period, and it was as awesome and adorable as you imagine it to be.

The 9th graders have officially chosen the top-secret banquet theme, and they’re already hard at work on planning. (Banquet is a special, spectacular dinner party on the second to last night of camp, honoring our amazing CAs and prepared by the 9th graders). We also had our first trip meetings! Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the senior will be out taking trips while juniors enjoy their own special, juniors-only, awesome activities around camp. More on that to come!

But back to today! CTT competed in 7 different inter-camp games, playing basketball, soccer, volleyball, and lacrosse, and we were AWESOME! We tried our best and demonstrated sportsmanship, too. We are so proud of how Timber Tops girls represent themselves and camp in the world. Speaking of our in the world, our Top Cooks went to the Culinary Institute of America for a tour and lunch. SO COOL!

Tonight is going to be a great one! Seniors will have a PJ Party themed social with the boys at Lake Owego (we can see the onesies now!), and juniors will play Ridiculous Relays! A CTT favorite!

Before we go, we hope you’ve had the opportunity to watch our CTT News Update! It’s posted on Facebook and uploaded on CampMinder. Check it out!

Whew! That’s all for today, folks! We can smell the fresh challah baking in the dining hall, so we gotta run!

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