Pastries, Aerobics, Scrunchie-Making, Oh my!

Today was a glorious day in downtown Greeley! We can tell that time is passing, because as we get closer to August, the mornings get chillier and chillier at camp. “Longs and longs” weather was a welcomed start to our day, but it warmed up quickly and we were on the go! Our second session campers came to lineup in their pjs look like they’ve been here all along.

So many exciting activities were happening around CTT today! Our Top Cooks campers went out to the Mill Market for a pastry-making class, riders were off at TOP ranch, our flag football game attracted its biggest group yet as did Mike’s new and popular aerobics class! In media the girls continued to work on a “Tasty” video, in cooking we made french toast roll-ups, and a new Arts & Crafts activity was revealed: scrunchie-making! Cool! (Seriously! We’ve learned that the 90’s are back which is good news for the older members of our camp community!). In other news, we have a new resident bunny down at Selma (his name is Connor), our yoga class today felt especially peaceful in the cool(er) camp air, and lacrosse and field hockey clinics on the upper field were as good as they get! Oh! And did we mention that junior mountain biking was a big hit today at junior choice? One of our CAs learned to bike today, too. From Oaklings to CAs, we are busy, we are active, and we are making every moment count! OH! We almost forgot! At last night’s staff show it was announced that the second session play is (drumroll, please)… High School Musical 2! Auditions happened today (spoiler alert: everyone makes the play).

Grove lunch outside today at Hattie B’s BBQ was a treat with hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, watermelon and more. It was the perfect day to enjoy lunch under the pine trees. And tonight it’s yummy chicken fajitas with apple cobbler for dessert. Tonight’s evening programs are going to be AH-MAY-ZING. Juniors in grades 2-5 will participate in the tried and true ADVENTURE CHALLENGE (it’s team building on the low elements at the adventure course), and 6th-11th graders will play SOCK IT TO ME (since it was rained out the other night). Sock it To Me is a beloved camp program you should ask your camper all about!

Wow. We’re exhausted just recounting how extra fantastic today was. Good night, folks, and don’t worry about us in Greeley! We’re having the time of our lives down the winding road!

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