Pike County! Know Your Counselor! Overnights, OH MY!

Another fabulous day down the winding road! The morning was regular scheduled programming all the way: Snickerdoodle baking in cooking, sailing at the lake, jogging club, Queen of the Court on the upper tennis courts, yoga and more! Maybe most exciting was our big 13 and Under Basketball win against Pine Forest Camp, Canadensis, and NJY! That’s right, your very own Timber Tops girls are Pike County champions! Woohoo! Way to go, girls.

And just before noon, our amazing 11th graders left for their adventure in Costa Rica. Alongside 11th graders from Lake Owego and Pine Forest, our campers will participate in a community service project in which they’ll plan and implement a camp for local, at-risk Costa Rican children. It’s an amazing program we’ve been running for over 10 years, and we’ll write more about it tomorrow, so tune in! (How amazing that these campers will have started their day in Greeley and end it in another country! So cool!)

This afternoon, though, just after rest hour, it poured! Fear not, parents. Often times our rainy day programming is our most highly-anticipated, and today was no exception. So what did we do after rest? KNOW YOUR COUNSELOR! An awesome, game show-style activity (much like the newlywed game) where campers are asked a series of questions about their counselor and compete against one another to see just who knows their counselor best. Color of toothbrush? Sibling names? Favorite cereal? Nothing gets by our CTT campers!

Tonight’s Friday night dinner was a delicious one: challah, matzoh ball soup, brussel sprouts, kasha and bow ties, and brisket. And it’s cleared up just in time for our first Friday night campfire of the summer (after which, our first group of juniors -5th graders- will head out for an overnight)! The whole camp is wearing their official camp shirts, and we’ll gather together for singing, stories, a compliment circle, and some extra special surprises.

Wow! What a day!

PS- If your 5th grader is in the picture below, she’s elected to go on tonight’s overnight camp out!


PPS- If your camper is in this picture below, she’s a PIKE COUNTY BASKETBALL CHAMPION!

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