Polar Bears, Brother/Sister Visitation, Laundry… OH MY!

Okay, we know we said it’s been beautiful, but today was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. High of 73 degrees, sunny, windy, gorgeous.

The day was off to a perfect start with 215 — yup, you read that right — 215 Polar Bears. Our Polar Bears elected to wake up before the sun, jump into the lake, sing three songs, and run back to shore all for bragging rights, hot chocolate, cookies and, if they do it three days in a row, a Polar Bear Club t-shirt. We just think it’s amazing that the majority of our campers here opt to participate! Timber Tops girls are THE BEST!

For breakfast, on Sundays we have bagels with all the fixings, eggs, potatoes, fruit salad and more, but this year, the Black family is proud to announce that Sunday bagel spreads in the dining hall feature the delicacy of another famous 4th-generation family business: lox spread from Russ & Daughter’s!

But we know that this is the real highlight of the day for many of you moms and dads: brother/sister visitation with our Lake Owego siblings! We’ll have photos on CampMinder, so log in for those, of course. It’s great to see our brothers on Sundays! Pine Forest siblings will have their visitation tomorrow, so fear not, PFC parents!

But in addition to our pizza lunch, try-outs for the Cabaret, a tennis tournament with Lake Owego against Pine Forest, juniors practicing for their Tuesday night lip sync, chatter of tonight’s highly anticipated evening programs of Junior Panic, Hi-Junior (6th grade) Celebrity, Lo Senior cookie bake and Hi Senior Food Factor, another great moment was getting out laundry back! Woohoo! We sent our laundry out a few days ago (each person has her own laundry bag, and it comes back individually, folded in the same laundry bag), and we were ready to have it back! It’s the little things!

We hope your Sunday was filled with as much deliciousness, exhilaration, and clean laundry as ours! Have a great night!

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